Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials


Photobioreactors – BIOSTAT®PBR 2S


Basic specification:

  • graphical user interface with touch screen operation
  • control loops for pH, temperature, oxygen, ilumination level, recirculation rate, substrate addition, gas mixing and gas flow
  • automatic parameters recorder

Centrifuges – ROTANTA 460 RS, CEPA LE, CEPA Z41


Basic parameters:

  • separation of biological and pharmaceutical mixtures
  • gravitational separation of two liquids
  • segregation of liquids and solids
  • fractionation of plasma and blood
  • oncentration and extraction of viruses and bacterias
  • collection and separation of biomass

Autoclav – VARIOKLAV 135S


Basic specification:

  • automatic steam sterilisation
  • options for sterilisation of liquids, instruments, glassware and laboratory waste
  • specific programs for special applications available on demand (16 programs)
  • temperature and time display
  • automatic water draft

Semi-Automatic Calorimeter – LECO AC600


Basic specification:

  • analysis of organic and inorganic material, such as solids, liquid fuels, biomass and food
  • water cooler system with temperature stabilizer
  • pressure tube with removable electrode
  • automatic filling of calorimetric tube with oxygen
  • automatic emptying of gases from calorimetric tube
  • lack of necessity for bomb’s coolig after test
  • lows costs of analysis