Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials


ACQUITY UPLC SYSTEM liquid chromatograph


  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex mixtures.
  • Identification of separated compounds based on the retention times.
  • Determination of concentration levels of various chemical compounds in samples.

Examples of use:

  • Determination of composition of complex mixtures.
  • Analysis of natural products and extracts.

FLUOROMAX-4P spectrofluorometer


  • Measurements of molecules dynamics in solutions, micellar systems, etc. (anisotropic measurements).
  • Recording of emission and excitation spectra (fluorescent molecules, nanoparticles, etc.).

Examples of use:

  • Detection and determination of all fluorescent substances.
  • Detection of trace components in food products (amino acids, vitamins, proteins, toxins), detection and determination of traces of enzymes, coenzymes, lipids, proteins, chlorophyll.

ICP OES – iCAP 6500Duo spectrometer


  • Analysis of elements contents in food, water and soils.
  • Quick and simultaneous analysis of multiple prime and trace elements.
  • Determination of high excitation potential elements (e.g. W, Cl, Br, I, S, U)

Examples of use:

  • Examination of elements composition of organic and inorganic samples.
  • Examination of elements composition, detection of pollution with heavy metals.

Cary 300/Biomelt spectrophotometer


  • Recording of light absorption and transmittance spectra in relation to the light wavelength.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of compounds based on recorded absorption spectra.

Examples of use:

  • Analysis of compounds absorbing visible light and UV.
  • Determination of organic substances (e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, amines) and inorganic substances (i.e. rare earth elements, ozone, SO2) which exhibit absorption in the UV range; determination of visible light radiation absorbing compounds, including dyes and colour metal salts (e.g. KMnO4, CuSO4).

Nicolet 6700 FT-IR spectrometer


  • Analysis of environmental pollution.
  • Analysis of pollution of waters and soils, e.g. with aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Examination of biological materials.

Examples of use:

  • Qualitative analysis of organic compounds, testing of time-dependent variations in concentration.
  • Determination of physical and chemical properties (structure of compounds), analysis of chemical functional groups.

ASE 350 fast sample extractor


  • Testing of food, fodder, soils; environmental monitoring.
  • Extraction of compounds soluble in food products.

Examples of use:

  • Analysis of substances soluble in food products, fodder and water.
  • Determination of residues of pesticides, antibiotics, contaminants, etc.

Speed Four mineraliser


  • Preparation of samples for further studies.
  • Mineralization of organic compounds in fodder, plants, soils and water.






HG63 dry mass determination set


  • Extraction of dry mass from plant biomasses.
  • Determination of the dry mass content in samples and their preparation for further research.



Laboratory X-ray system for the determination of plant material structures


  • Apparatus for generation of X-ray images of biological material with the digital camera.
  • Imaging of biological material defects, e.g. transverse fractures of the grain endosperm, infestation level of  insect pests.
  • Can be used to create a system for detection of internal damage of cultivated fruits and plant sprouts, caused by insect pests.

SKCS 4100 equipment for determination of physical properties of grain


  • Measurement of mass (12-80 mg), conventional diameter, humidity (9-19%) and hardness of wheat grain.
  • Examination of the processing hardness of wheat, triticale and barley grain of different varieties

Extensograph E


  • Determination of rheological properties of dough during controlled stretching.
  • Measurement of the dough energy, stretchability and stretching resistance in accordance with international standards: ICC 114/1, AACC 54-10 and ISO 5530-2.
  • Assessment of usability of flours and doughs.

Farinograph E

  • Determination of rheological properties of wheat doughs in the kneading process.
  • Measurement of functional properties of flours and doughs in accordance with ICC 115/1, AACC 54-21 and ISO 5530-1.
  • Assessment of usability of flours and doughs.
  • Measurement of water absorption of flours, dough rise times, dough consistency and its softening.

Examples of use:

  • Assessment of baking properties of flours.
  • Control of the influence of processing additives (e.g. proteolytic enzymes, emulsifiers, pro-health additives) on the quality of dough.
  • Examination of the influence of processing (e.g. kneading time and intensity, seasoning time) on rheological properties of doughs.

Glucomatic 2200 gluten quality and quantity determination system


  • Leaching of gluten from whole-grain grinding mill feeds and flours.
  • Determination of wet gluten quality according to ICC 155.
  • Determination of wet gluten quantity and gluten index.

Examples of use:

  • Impact of heat treatment on gluten expansion capability.
  • Impact of wetting and drying of grain on gluten quality and quantity.
  • Effect of grain grinding effectiveness on gluten quality.

Falling Number 1800 α-amylase determination apparatus


  • Determination of the activity of α-amylase in grain using Hagberg-Perten method, in accordance with ICC 107, AACC 56-81B and ISO 3093.
    Measurement of the falling number.
  • Examples of use:
    – Impact of weather conditions before harvest on wheat grain quality.
    – Wetting effects on grain amylolytic activity.

Stress-Tech rotation-oscillation rheometer


  • Measurement configurations: plate-plate, plate-cone.
    Directly measured values: normal stress, shearing stress, oscillation frequency and angular deformation.
    Determination of dynamic storage and loss moduli, phase shift angles and viscosity.
  • Examples of use:
    – Effects of pro-health additives on rheological properties of doughs.
    – Effects of chemical composition (e.g. gluten proteins fractions) on rheological properties of doughs.

Zeleny test machine with software


  • Determination of protein quality in flours.
  • Measurement of sedimentation ratio.