Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials


Contact: PhD Agnieszka Nawrocka (e-mail)


  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex mixtures.
  • Identification of separated compounds based on the retention times.
  • Determination of concentration levels of various chemical compounds in samples.
  • Detection and determination of all fluorescent substances.
  • Detection of  trace components in food products (amino acids, vitamins, proteins, toxins).
  • Examination of elements composition of organic and inorganic samples.
  • Analysis of compounds absorbing visible and UV light.
  • Determination of organic substances (e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, amines) and inorganic substances (i.e. rare earth elements, ozone, SO2) which exhibit absorption in the UV range; determination of visible light radiation absorbing compounds, including dyes and color metal salts (e.g. KMnO4, CuSO4).
  • Qualitative analysis of organic compounds, testing of time-dependent variations in concentration.
  • Determination of physical and chemical properties (structure of compounds), analysis of chemical functional groups.
  • Analysis of substances soluble in food products, fodder and water.
  • Extraction of dry mass from plant biomasses.
  • Determination of the dry mass content in samples.
  • Imaging of biological material defects, e.g. transverse fractures of the grain endosperm,
    infestation level of insect pests.
  • Measurement of the hardness index of wheat grain.
  • Determination of rheological properties of dough during controlled stretching.
  • Measurement of the dough energy, stretchability and stretching resistance in accordance with
    international standards: ICC 114/1, AACC 54-10 and ISO 5530-2.
  • Determination of rheological properties of wheat dough in the kneading process.
  • Measurement of functional properties of flours and dough in accordance with ICC 115/1,
    AACC 54-21 and ISO 5530-1.
  • Assessment of usability of flour and dough.
  • Measurement of water absorption of flours, dough rise times, dough consistency and its
  • Determination of the amount of wet gluten and gluten index according to ICC 155.
  • Determination of the activity of a-amylase in grain using Hagberg-Perten method, in accordance with ICC 107, AACC, 56-81B and  ISO3093.