Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials


Tri-axial compression device


  • Mechanical parameters of granular materials
  • Tangential acoustic wave speeds in granular materials
  • Measurement: stiffness modulus, elastic modulus
  • Hydrostatic pressure: 10-90 kPa; frequency range: 1-10 kHz; sample sizes: h = 150 mm, d = 70 mm

Examples of use:

  • Determination of the stiffness modulus of granular materials
  • Determination of the elastic modulus of granular materials
  • Deposit response to mechanical loads

RST-01 Ring Shear Tester


  • Determination of quality of powders, determination of mechanical parameters of powders; determination of strength and flowability of powders, friction on structural materials, deposit densities
  • Measurement of the shearing force
  • Two measurement chambers: 1 – shearing surface 235 cm2, volume 900 cm3; 2 – shearing surface 85 cm2, volume 200 cm3
  • Maximum measurable shearing force: 400 N; maximum measurable consolidation force: 500 N; shearing speed range: 0.05-30 mm/min

Jenike’s direct shearing devices for different granule sizes



  • Direct measurement of the tangent force with precision of 0.05 N
  • Diameters of devices: 60, 120, 210 mm, pressure range: 2-100 kPa, deformation speed: 2 mm/min, 4 mm/min

Examples of use:

  • Determination of flowability of food powders
  • Resistance of granular materials
  • Determination of the geometry of outflow from silos
  • Determination of processing parameters for design of storage containers

Uniaxial compression device with cylindrical chamber


  • Measurement of horizontal pressure; device diameter: 210 mm, maximum vertical pressure: 100 kPa, force measurement precision: 1 N
  • Determination of the stress-deformation relations of granular materials with simultaneous measurement of the average pressure on walls
  • Determination of pressure ratio, elastic modulus, Poisson’s ratio, compressibility

Examples of use:

  • Analysis of the elastic modulus, pressure ratio, Poisson’s ratio and compressibility of plant granular solids and their behavior at various moistures
  • Determination of the pressure exerted by granular materials on silo walls

Uniaxial compression device „Joanna” with cubic chamber


  • Mechanical testing of granular materials. Measurement of material pressure distribution on container walls
  • Wall-to-wall distance: 8-95 mm, height: 120 mm, maximum vertical pressure: 100 kPa

Examples of use:

  • Impact of deposit formation methods on states of stress
  • Testing of the stress distribution in cubic sections of deposits

Hosokawa Powders Tester


  • Measurements: angle of repose, angle of fall, angle of difference, aerated bulk density, compacted bulk density, compressibility, cohesion, uniformity, angle of spatula,  dispersibility
  • Vibrator frequency: 50 Hz, amplitude: 0-3 mm; time adjustment range: 1-999 s, angular measurement precision: 0.1 deg, compaction amplitude: 18/10 mm

Examples of use:

  • Quality testing of powders
  • Determination of parameters for the design of processing

IPS UA ANALYZER, equipment for determination of granulation of solids in air


  • Measurement of sizes of wet and adhering particles, 0.5-1000 μm
  • Measurement of sizes of non-adhering particles, 2-2000 μm
  • Measurement of average particle size and shape coefficients
  • Determination of specific surface areas of tested substances of known grain porosity

DEM modelling software suite, v2.2.1


  • Modelling of mechanical processes in 3D for various materials
  • Measurement of energy and velocity of modelled objects, including forces acting on system elements

Examples of use:

  • Analysis of interactions in granular materials on microstructural level
  • Impact of particles shape and size on technological processes
  • Modelling of technological processes for different geometry and material of constructions to improve the effectiveness of industrial equipment
  • Modelling of filling and emptying processes in storage equipment to prevent damage

1.7 m wide model silo for the testing of temperature and humidity distributions in grain deposits


  • A laboratory scale silo with an array of probes
  • Measurement of distribution of relative humidity and temperatures in inter-granular spaces. Volume: 3.85 m3, capacity 2.5-3 tons
  • Monitoring of self heating of grains
  • Monitoring of moisture migration and temperature propagation in grain deposit