Laboratory of Microalgae Biomass and Methane Fermentation

Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials

Laboratory of Microalgae Biomass and Methane Fermentation

Supervisor: DSc Izabela Krzemińska


Microalgae are autotrophic unicellular organisms that, under optimal conditions, are capable of rapid proliferation and production of large amounts of biomass in a short time. Some algal species accumulate considerable amounts of lipids, which raises their energetic value. These properties are related to the possibility of using microalgal biomass for energy-production purposes. Microalgal cells require a source of carbon (carbon dioxide and/or organic carbon), mineral compounds, and light for growth. Determination of optimal culture conditions for individual species is a key element in maximization of biomass production for energy purposes.


Research Profile:

  • Optimization of microalgal culture parameters
  • Selection of microalgal species for energy production


  • An analysis of the microalgal biomass growth rate in selected conditions and media
    qualitative and quantitative analyses of the biomass composition