Research and Development


The main object of research is focused on transport processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, properties and processes affecting soil and plant quality, processing for food and energy purpose. The interdisciplinary approach applies physics, physicochemistry and biology for solving contemporary problems of agriculture. Applicable research is focused on  developing and improving methods and devices for evaluation and monitoring of soil, agricultural plant materials and gas emission, and on creating new food technologies of biomass processing for energy or new biomaterials and biopreparations.


Currently, R&D is carried out in three areas:

  • Agricultural Environment: research and development on soil quality, plant grow and heat and mass transport in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, and methods and tools for its monitoring
  • Food: research and development on quality of agricultural plant materials and methods and tools for its evaluation
  • Bioenergy and biomaterials: research and development on agricultural plant biomass conversion  into bioenergy and bio-based products.

Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials. Research on physical properties of plant particulate materials and food powders, and numerical modeling of mechanical phenomena. Clarifying the role of dietary fibre on rheological properties and texture of bread. Optimization of methane fermentation, algae cultivation and optimizing of biomass production… more

Department of Physical Chemistry of Porous Materials: Research on physicochemistry of bio and geo environmental processes, mainly in the soil and root system of plants with consideration of complex chemical composition and porous structure… more

Department of Soil and Plant System: Research on (1) effect of soil physical conditions and abiotic stresses on growth and yield of selected crops; (2) biodiversity of soil environment, organic waste and agricultural plant materials, including activity, ecology and biochemistry of microorganisms; (3) effect of use and management of soils on their physical behavior and plant growth… more

Department of Metrology and Modelling of Agrophysical Processes: Experimental studies and modeling of mass and energy transfer in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, determination of the relations between the parameters of the solid phase of porous granular media and their mass and energy transfer coefficients and mechanical parameters, as well as the development of methods for the description of physical properties of colloidal-capillary-porous bodies… more

Department of Microstructure and Mechanics of Biomaterials: Research on physical and biological bases of plant biomechanics and exploitation of cell wall polysaccharides from fruit and vegetables as new biomaterials, investigation of the plant structure and mechanics at various scales, from nano to macro with use of microscopy, spectroscopy, mechanical testing, biochemistry and computational modeling… more

Department of Natural Environment Biogeochemistry: Investigation of greenhouse gas emission such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane in the contest of climacteric changes, circulation of all these gases in the soil environment including generation, absorption and emission to the atmosphere in laboratory and field conditions… more