PhD projects

Doctoral School of Quantitative and Natural Sciences

PhD student PhD project Topic
1. Paweł Głowacki implementation doctorate programme Development of the technology of instant pasta production by extrusion, with quality comparable to the quality of pasta produced by the current method
2. Dominika Matczuk implementation doctorate programme Isolation of urolysis inhibitors from plant and/or animal material or products of their use
3. Bogdan Rudnik implementation doctorate programme Characterization of stability of the urea – ammonium nitrate liquid fertilizer modified with the addition of selected urease and nitrification inhibitors
4. Maria Skorupka implementation doctorate programme Modifying urea by adding urease inhibitors inside the fertilizer granules and comparing the effectiveness of reducing ammonia emissions with alternative methods of applying inhibitors
5. Tomasz Szymczak implementation doctorate programme Development of the method for obtaining lipase by biotechnology with the potential use on an industrial scale