Recruitment for PhD studies

Recruitment for PhD studies

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Institute of Agrophysics Polish Academy of Sciences in Lublin announces the recruitment for PhD studies in agronomy-agrophysics 2017-2021
We offer:
Interesting programme – 45 ECTS credits
Lectures in English
Research in modern laboratories
Personalised scientific supervision
Possibility to apply for scholarships and projects

PhD students who will be admitted to doctoral studies 2017-2021 will receive doctoral scholarships for the first year of study at the amount of 1600 PLN. The scholarships  in the following years will be awarded through a competition on the basis of the achievements of PhD students.

The proposed research themes:

pdf 1. Role of humic acids in the process of anaerobic methane oxidation in soil– supervisor: prof. M.Brzezińska
pdf 2. Modelling of pore media and soil water hydrological characteristics – supervisor: assoc. prof. K. Lamorski
pdf 3. Influence of the polyphenolic components of dietary fibre preparations on the structure of gluten proteins and dough rheology” supervisor: assoc. prof. A. Miś / A. Nawrocka PhD
pdf 4. The efficiency of plant resistance to abiotic stresses in the environment with combined action of many stressors – supervisor assoc. prof. A. Nosalewicz
pdf 5. The effect of the selected molecular fractions of humus substances on bioavailability of cadmium ions – Chemistry of the processes – supervisor: prof. Z. Sokołowska/ P. Boguta PhD
pdf 6. Plant polysaccharides adsorption onto cellulose – supervisor: Monika Szymańska-Chargot, PhD DSc / Monika Chylińska, PhD
pdf 7. Structural modeling of plant cell wall pectines – supervisor prof. A. Zdunek
pdf 8. Influence of technological factors on fluctuations in powder flow
Mechanical parameters and characteristics of intelligent structures formed by vacuum-sealed granules – supervisor: Mateusz Stasiak, PhD DSc


Required documents can be submitted from 19 June to 31 August 2017 in the secretariat of the institute or by e-mail
ul. Doświadczalna 4, 20-290 Lublin 27
Tel .: 817445061;