EM Metrology

The research conducted in the Laboratory of Dielectric Spectroscopy falls in the scope of the activity profile of the Polish National Committee of the International Union of Radio Science – URSI as part of Commission A: Electromagnetic Metrology. The Commission promotes research and development activities in the field of developing measurement standards and improving the methodology of calibration and measurement of electromagnetic quantities.
Prof. dr hab. inż. Wojciech Skierucha is the Chairman of the Commission A of the Polish National Committee.


Detailed topics of the research conducted at the Laboratory of Dielectric Spectroscopy relevant to the activities of the URSI Commission A:

  • improvement of the methodology and hardware solutions for measuring moisture of porous materials, especially soil, with the use of Time-Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and Time-Domain Transmissometry (TDT) techniques,
  • development of soil moisture and salinity probes adapted for point measurements, long-term monitoring, and on-the-go measurements by probes mounted on agricultural equipment,
  • development of open-ended probes including the designs adapted to measuring complex dielectric permittivity spectra of heterogeneous materials,
  • development of a unique six-channel coaxial transmission-line system dedicated to the measurements of complex dielectric permittivity spectra of heterogeneous materials in the 20 MHz – 3 GHz frequency range,
  • systematic measurements and modeling of dielectric spectra of heterogeneous materials.

Organized events:

International Workshop on Dielectric Measurements and Moisture Sensing