Archive of conferences


Archive of conferences

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june 2024

11jun(jun 11)08:0013(jun 13)08:001st International Conference of Soil and Agriculture 2024 (ICSA): Towards Soil Sustainability

may 2024

23may(may 23)09:0024(may 24)09:0023rd International Workshop for Young Scientists “BioPhys Spring 2024”

december 2023

14dec(dec 14)08:00(dec 14)08:00Four Elements

september 2023

11sep(sep 11)08:0013(sep 13)08:0014th International Conference on Agrophysics (ICA 2023)

june 2023

15jun(jun 15)09:0016(jun 16)09:00BioPhys Spring 202322th International Workshop for Young Scientists (BioPhys Spring 2023)

may 2023

20may(may 20)08:0021(may 21)08:00MycoRise Up!

september 2022

14sep(sep 14)08:0017(sep 17)08:00VI Konferencja Naukowa. Szkoła Inżynierii Systemów BioTechnicznych

may 2022

30may(may 30)08:0031(may 31)08:0021. BioPhys Spring

december 2021

14dec(dec 14)07:00(dec 14)07:00Four Elements Conference

november 2021

15nov(nov 15)08:3016(nov 16)08:3013th International Conference on Agrophysics

september 2021

18sep(sep 18)09:0024(sep 24)09:00XVII Lubelski Festiwal Nauki 18-24.09.2021

june 2021

24jun(jun 24)10:30(jun 24)10:30final SoilCare conference

17jun(jun 17)08:0018(jun 18)08:00Metagenomes 2021

may 2021

18may(may 18)09:0019(may 19)09:00INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE BioPhys Spring 2021

september 2020

14sep(sep 14)00:0016(sep 16)00:0013th International Conference on Agrophysics

may 2020

19may(may 19)08:0021(may 21)08:0019th International Workshop for Young Scientists “BioPhys Spring 2020”

september 2018

17sep(sep 17)08:0019(sep 19)08:0012th International Conference on Agrophysics: Soil, Plant & Climate

june 2018

28jun(jun 28)08:0029(jun 29)08:00III Ogólnopolskie Sympozjum Mikrobiologiczne „Metagenomy różnych środowisk”

04jun(jun 4)08:0007(jun 7)08:00The 12th International Conference on Electromagnetic Wave Interaction with Water and Moist Substances – ISEMA 2018

may 2018

15may(may 15)00:0118(may 18)00:0117th International Workshop for Young Scientists “BioPhys Spring 2018”

february 2018

14feballday15allday3rd International Symposium of Soil Physics

june 2017

01junallday03allday16th International Workshop for Young Scientists “BioPhys Spring 2017”

september 2016

28sepalldayallday11th International Conference on Agrophysics: Soil, Plant & Climate

may 2015

29mayalldayalldayBioPhys Spring 2015

february 2015

26feballday27alldayInternational Scientific Conference "Zeolites in Agriculture Environmental Protection and Building"

december 2014

09dec(dec 9)00:00(dec 9)00:00The Symposium: Overall Summary about the project "Production of organic rapeseed oil"

october 2014

08octalldayalldayPhysics and chemistry in the scientific and research practice - educational activities for students

july 2014

07julalldayallday"BioPhys Spring 2014" part II

june 2014

17jun(jun 17)00:00(jun 17)00:00BioPhys Spring 2014

september 2013

18sep(sep 18)00:00(sep 18)00:00International Scientific Conference „AGROPHYSICS IN BIOENGINEERING”

june 2013

07junalldayallday10th International Conference on Agrophysics

may 2013

23mayalldayalldayBioPhys Spring 2013

october 2012

26octallday27alldayConference "ECOENERGY 2012"

15octallday16alldayFACCE JPI MACSUR - Kickoff Meeting and Workshop

september 2012

27sepallday29allday7th Symposium "Climate of cultivated field"

19sepallday21allday5th Convention Meeting of the Polish Society of Agrophysics

june 2012

26junallday27allday3rd Symposium of Food Engineering

may 2012

24mayallday26alldayManaging of Landscape Systems

24may(may 24)00:0025(may 25)00:00BioPhys Spring 2012

september 2011

07sepallday10alldayPTA Conference: Physical Methods in Invertigations of Agricultural and Forestry Environment

may 2011

31mayallday03junalldayAgrophysics for Quality of Life

26mayallday29alldayBioPhys Spring 2011

september 2010

15sepallday28alldayPTA Conference: Agrophysics in Agricultural Engineering and Environment Protection

may 2010

20mayallday01junalldayBioPhys Spring 2010

september 2009

22sep(sep 22)00:0030(sep 30)00:00Agrophysics in Investigations of Agricultural Products

15sepallday01octalldayAgrophysics in Investigations of Natural Environment

september 2008

17sep(sep 17)00:0020(sep 20)00:004th Convention Meeting of the Polish Society of Agrophysics

june 2008

10jun(jun 10)00:0011(jun 11)00:00New trends in agrophysics

april 2008

23apr(apr 23)00:0025(apr 25)00:00Monitoring and Protection of Nature Environment in International Bioreserve of West Polesie in Aspect of Transborder Cooperation

january 2008

01janalldayallday3rd Conference ECOENERGY 2007

november 2007

09novallday11alldayThe Advancement of Science and the Dilemma of Dual Use: Why We Can not Afford to Fail

07nov(nov 7)00:0011(nov 11)00:001st International Scientific Seminar on Development of food quality and environment protection methods in PL-BY-UA border area

05novallday07alldayTransboundary net of soil monitoring at the area of International West Polesie Bioreservoir

may 2007

19mayalldayalldayBioPhys Spring 2007