Research profile

Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials

Research profile

Our research efforts are concentrated in areas that include: investigations of physical properties of plant materials such as seeds, fruits and vegetables as well as  physical processes taking part in harvest, handling, storage and value – added processing of biological products.  Moreover, we work on elaboration of methods and equipment for determination of physical properties of plant materials. Another field of activity of the Department is consulting and introduction of results of research for optimization of technologies of harvest and processing. Current activity of the Department includes first and foremost issues stated below.


Laboratory of Mechanics of Granular Materials conducts research mainly in two directions: laboratory investigations of physical properties of plant particulate materials and food powders, and numerical modeling of mechanical phenomena occurring in technologies of particulate materials. We also conduct consulting and provide expert reports in the areas of competence of the  Laboratory.


Laboratory of Assessment of Grain and Oil Materials Quality carries out investigations on optimization of storage of grain and seeds to ensure that they are free of toxic substances. Currently research is conducted on use of silver nanoparticles to protect  of stored or transported grain against fungal infections. Examinations are carried out on improvement of sensory value of bread. Within this project we are trying to clarify the role of dietary cellulose on rheological properties and texture of bread.


Investigations in Laboratory of Methane Fermentation are performed using biofermentors furnished with control systems of conditions of fermentation. We try to solve problems encountered in methane fermentation, as well as search for new substrates (compounds) for biogas generation. The Laboratory, apart from own investigations, offers services for biogas producers.


Laboratory of New Technologies of Renewable Energy and Biomass Acquiring cultivates microalgae in photobioreactors. The aim of this activity is selection of species and conditions of cultivation to maximize the amount of biomass to use for generation of energy. Analyses comprise examinations of rate of growth on various substrates and in different conditions, as well as determination of biochemical composition and calorificic value of produced biomass.


Project „Production of rapeseed oil of exceptional dietary properties” is a continuance of investigations conducted earlier in the Institute of Agrophysics. Those long lasting investigations in cooperation with oilseed producers have shown that rapeseed oil contains numerous valuable substances that are lost during processing. The superior quality of the elaborated oil (patent No. 208504) bases on use of ecologically produced raw material of very high microbiological purity, as well as free of residues of plant protection products and desiccants. Strict patented methodology is maintained during oil expression, without access of  light and oxygen among other things. The elaborated oil “Drop of Health” will find its place on the food market, because neither on the Polish nor on the UE market no oil of similar quality is available.