Laboratory of Molecular and Environmental Microbiology

Department of Soil and Plant System

Laboratory of Molecular and Environmental Microbiology

Supervisor: Prof. DSc Magdalena Frąc


Research profile:

Organic waste utilization.

The use of microorganisms in the detoxification process, processing, conditioning and biodegradation of agri-food organic waste.


Biodiversity of soil and organic waste.

The assessment of activity, genetic diversity and metabolic profile of microorganisms in soil and organic waste in order to evaluate the quality, status and safety of soil and organic waste.


Microbial ecology and biochemistry.

The assessment of biochemical properties and chemical sensitivity of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi), including heat resistant fungi, in order to select strains with high biotechnological potential and to explain heat resistance mechanisms.


The microbiological analysis of plant materials.

The development, optimization and testing of microbial detection methods (PCR, real-time PCR), especially for heat resistant fungi in order to increase a quality of agricultural raw materials and products.