Modelling of the physical properties and transport processes of the pore media

Modelling of the physical properties and transport processes of the pore media

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Leader: DSc Krzysztof Lamorski

Team: Prof. DSc Cezary Sławiński; MSc Bartłomiej Gackiewicz


Transport processes in the pore media are important from practical and interesting from  scientific point of view. Particularly soil is an example of a pore medium especially important for the humans. Many important soil properties, like ability to retention the water or other hydrological properties are the consequence of being the pore medium.


The aim of the research task is to investigate and describe transport processes in the pore media. The particular research aim is to estimate of the saturated water conductivity  based on 3D tomographic imagining of the soil medium. Soil water saturated conductivity coefficient is a macroscopic soil characteristics – which determine how easily water can flow through the soil fully saturated.


The physical foundation of the macroscopically observed pore medium transport processes are micro-transport phenomena occurring at the pore level. Micro-transport phenomena happening at the pore level are determined by the microstructure of the pore media and interactions between water and the pore medium. Computational X-ray microtomography can be used for determination of the pore space. This information can be used for numerical modelling of the soil water transport modelling at the pore level. The single phase transport modelling allows for estimation of the saturated water conductivity coefficient, while two-phase transport modelling allows for soil water retention modelling. Moreover the work are conducted connected with mathematical modeling of the soil hydrological properties and modelling of the soil water transport processes at the pedon scale.