Statutory Research

Statutory Research

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1.    Mechanical interactions in granular solids

Leader: Prof. DSc Marek MOLENDA


2.   Investigation of interaction of molecules with cellulose



3.  Biotechnological solutions for agricultural bioeconomy providing recycling, functionality and utilization of fruit and vegetables waste

Leader: Prof. DSc Magdalena FRĄC


4.  Determination of the effects of pro-health additives on structure of gluten proteins, quality of bread dough and bread

Leader: DSc Agnieszka NAWROCKA


5.    Application of dielectric spectroscopy for determination of biomaterials properties

Leader: Prof. DSc Wojciech SKIERUCHA


6.    Monitoring and environmental modelling of plant growth and quality of agricultural products in the context of food safety and adaptation to climate change

Leader: Assoc. Prof. DSc Piotr BARANOWSKI


7.    Physical and biological basis of production and processing of biomass for the energy resources

Leader: Prof. DSc Jerzy TYS


8.    The influence of the solid phase modification on it properties and physicochemical processes on soil and plant

Leader: Prof. DSc Zofia SOKOŁOWSKA


9.     Effect of use and management of soils on their physical behavior and plant growth

Leader: Prof. DSc Jerzy LIPIEC


10.   The effect of soil physical conditions and abiotic stresses on growth and yield of selected crops

Leader: Assoc. Prof. DSc Artur NOSALEWICZ


11.   Assessment of soil water resources from direct measurements and remote sensing

Leader: Prof. Dsc Bogusław USOWICZ


12.   Studies on the interactions of precipitation drops with the leaf surface in the context of the phenomenon of perception

Leader: DSc Magdalena RYŻAK


13.   Modelling of the physical properties and transport processes of the pore media

Leader: Assoc. Prof. DSc Krzysztof LAMORSKI


14.  Methane oxidation in differently moistured soils polluted with heavy metals

Leader: Prof. DSc Andrzej BIEGANOWSKI