Department of Metrology and Modelling of Agrophysical Processes


Water retention hysteresis measuring set


  • Determination of the retention curve hysteresis (wetting – drying cycle) in porous media.

Examples of use:

  • Dynamics of soil water potential – soil moisture dependence.
  • Determination of  characteristic points on water retention curve characterizing of soil water availability for plants.




TDR soil moisture meter


  • Measurement of porous media moisture within the range from 0 to complete saturation.
  • Measurement of soil water potential from -800 hPa to 0.
  • Measurement of electric conductivity from 0 to 1 S/m.

Examples of use:

  • Measurement and monitoring of changes in soil moisture and soil water potential.
  • Determination of the water retention curve and water conductivity with the instantaneous profile method
  • Monitoring of moisture, electric conductivity and temperature of soils and other porous media

Saturated zones water conductivity measuring set


  • Measurement of water conductivity in saturated zones of porous media

Examples of use:

  • Determination of water conductivity in saturated zones of porous structures
  • Determination of water conductivity of soils, filter beds, construction materials.




pF curve measuring set by Richards method


  • Measurement of the water retention curve of porous media during drying process

Examples of use:

  • Determination of the main water retention curve branch of soils
  • Determination of amount of soil water useful for plants and characteristic points of soil water retention curve, e.g. field water capacity, permanent wilting point

Agroclimatic parameters recording system


Measurement of:

  • Radiation budget, PAR
  • Potential evaporation of water
  • Air humidity and temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Soil moisture (from 0 to complete saturation)
  • Soil temperature
  • Soil water potential
  • Soil electric conductivity from 0 to 1 S/m
  • Precipitation

Examples of use:

  • Studies of the thermal balance of active surface, modelling of mass and energy transport processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, modelling of thermal properties of soils. Studies of the spatial distribution of selected soil and air physical properties during drought or flood. Studies of moisture and temperature dynamics of soils and atmosphere, soil water potential, evaporation and radiation. Studies of impact of bogs on climate changes based on earth surface and satellite data
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity of air and soil, soil water potential, water surface evaporation, wind speed and direction, precipitation, electrical conductivity, radiation (SW and LW) and photosynthetic active radiation (PAR).