Laboratory of Biochemistry

Department of Microstructure and Mechanics of Biomaterials

Laboratory of Biochemistry

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. DSc Eng Justyna Cybulska



Research profile:

  • Biochemistry of plant materials, especially cell walls.
  • Physiological state of fruits and vegetables based on key parameters.
  • Quality of food-plant products and semi-products.
  • Modelling of plant cell walls using their physical analogues.


  • Pectin, calcium and nitrogen in biomaterials, mainly in plant tissue.
  • Starch by polarimetric and enzymatic methods, and quantitative marking by the starch index method.
  • Polysaccharides of plant cell walls by sequential extraction.
  • Sample preparation for biochemical analysis by accelerated solvent extraction.
  • Total soluble solids, total titratable acidity, dry mass and water activity in plant tissues and food products.