Department of Natural Environment Biogeochemistry


Gas chromatograph


The study of the composition of gas mixtures in a wide range of concentrations (CO2, O2, CH4, C2H2, C2H4, H2S, H2)


  • Detektors:
  • FPD (flame – photometric)
  • FID (flame – ionization)
  • TCD (thermo conductive)
  • Packed column for CO2, O2, CH4, C2H2, C2H4, H2 determination
  • Capillary column for sulfur compounds determination
  • Adapter for headspace analysis
  • Thermostatic control of samples and transfer line in the range of 35°C to 210°C
  • Injection of air pressure compensation method – use of a syringe or a gas injector loop not required (the possibility of manual injection)
  • Operating temperature range: from 4°C above ambient to 450°C programmed at 1°C
  • Ability to work with temperature consisting of a minimum of 9 of the accretions and 10 of the plateau
  • Maximum heating: 140°C / min.
  • The rate of cooling from 450°C to 50°C for no longer than 2 minutes

Set for nitrogen determination with Kjeldahl method


Determination of total nitrogen


  • Digestion
    • Equipped with infrared radiant heater
    • Stand for 12 reaction vessels with a capacity of 250 ml with vapor extraction kit
    • A set of reaction vessels with a capacity 250 ml
  • Steam distillation with water vapor:
    • Automatic generation of steam,
    • Adjustable output of evaporation
    • Automatic removal of sample residue
    • Pressure switch control,
    • Automatic control of filling tanks

TOC analyzer


Determination of organic, inorganic and total carbon in liquid and solid samples, and total nitrogen in liquid samples


  • TOC analyzer, IC, TC, NPOC:
    • Measuring range: 4 ppb – 25,000 ppm
    • Infrared detection – NDIR
    • Catalytic combustion on a platinum catalyst, temperatures up to 720°C;
    • Analysis time: up to 3 min
    • Injection volume from 10 to 2000 µl
    • Automatic dilution of samples from 2 to 50 times the dosing syringe
    • Washing of the line with clean water or analytical sample;
    • Autosampler for 72 samples of 40 ml, the standard needle dispensing washing inside and out
    • Adapter for the determination of carbon in solid samples: the overall temperature of the determination of carbon: organic – 900°C, 200°C – inorganic., measuring the overall carbon to 30 mg C in the sample
    • Adapter for the determination of total nitrogen: 0-4000 ppm chemiluminescence