Department of Natural Environment Biogeochemistry


The offer provided by our Department includes:

  • Scientific cooperation within international projects, bilateral agreements, national projects, or informal cooperation in addressing mutually specified issues. The collaboration may involve joint research (specified in the Research Profile, but we are open to new proposals that have not been indicated therein) as well as metrological issues related to development/customization of applied methods to study objects;
  • Measurements commissioned by our contractors (see: offers of the Laboratory of Applied Optical Measurement Techniquesoffers of the Laboratory of Gas Chromatography, and offers of the Laboratory of Biogas Analysis). Financial settlement (in the case of commissioned measurements) or research co-authorship (if the technical contribution is accompanied by our expertise) is possible. The price of analyses is specified individually depending on the scope of the commission (routine measurements or those that require development of the method and/or the measurement procedure), the quantity of measurements and their difficulty, etc.;
  • Scholarships, long- and short-term internships, PhD (both within the PhD Studies provided by the IA PAS and individual studies);
  • Consultation and expertise reports.

The Department of Natural Environment Biogeochemistry administers the Soil Sample Bank, which stores soils representative for Poland. We have a collection of over a thousand profiles (3 levels) sampled from the entire country and their full characterization. Hence, we are able to provide:

  • samples required for individual investigations;
  • information about the location of sampling sites allowing individual soil sampling by researchers;
  • some elements of the description/characteristics of samples.

Using the soils stored in the Soil Sample Bank provides:

  • certainty that the sample is representative for Poland and the specified region (in the case of sampling from the indicated location);
  • time-saving in the case of obtaining  the characteristics of the sample and/or the sample itself;
  • a possibility of using rich literature describing soils, profiles, and the Bank samples.