Department of Natural Environment Biogeochemistry


Measurements of:

  • particle size distribution (texture, particle size, granulometric composition) of soils and other granular materials with the  laser diffraction method in the range of 0,02 mm ÷ 2 mm (“wet” and “dry”);
  • particle size distribution with the PCS (Photon Correlation Spectroscopy) method in the range of 0,6 nm – 6 μm;
  • dynamics of the dispersion and/or aggregation process in aqueous and non-aqueous media;
  • particle size and  particle size distribution with the  optical microscopy method in the range of 1 mm – 2 cm;
  • particle shape (described by various parameters) by means of optical microscopy in the range of 2 mm – 2 cm;
  • the electrokinetic potential (zeta, dzeta) with the LDV (Laser Doppler Velocimetry) method in 0,6 nm – 10 mm particles.

All the measurements mentioned above are applicable to very small sample volumes.