Laboratory of Methane Fermentation

Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials

Laboratory of Methane Fermentation

Supervisor: PhD Marta Oleszek



Production of biogas in the methane fermentation process is one of the priorities of the European Union in the field of RES. Biogas plants are the ideal way to produce energy by simultaneous use of burdensome waste, including sugar water, municipal waste, and agricultural production (manure, urine, slaughter wastes, brewing distilling) and food industry and from biomass.

Methane fermentation is a biochemical process in nature. While under natural conditions this process occurs automatically and requires no human intervention, in biogas plants is continuously monitoring the conditions of the processes is essential and necessary. Methane fermentation Laboratory meets the needs of entrepreneurs and those involved in the scope of the production of biogas. The laboratory conducting research tries to solve most problems encountered during the process of anaerobic digestion as well as looking for other substrates (mixtures) may be used to produce biogas.


Research profile:

  • Methane fermentation of selected agricultural products
  • Maximizing efficiency of biogas production
  • Algae biomass usefulness for methane fermentation


  • Parameters of methane fermentation
  • Biogas composition and quality
  • Main components of fermentation substrates