Laboratory of Plant Root System

Department of Soil and Plant System

Laboratory of Plant Root System

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. DSc Artur Nosalewicz



Research profile:

  • Impact of soil environment on growth and functioning of plant shoots and roots
  • Impact of management practices on structure and physical properties of soil
  • Image analysis of soil pore size distribution and root structure


Unitary, daily water uptake by root system

Mechanical properties of soils

Stability of soil structures and prevention of compaction caused by farming machines

Effect of soil physical conditions on the growth, functions, morphology and topology of the root system

Stabilność struktury glebowej i przeciwdziałanie ich nadmiernemu zagęszczeniu pod wpływem maszyn rolniczych

Badanie wpływu stanu fizycznego gleby na wzrost, funkcje, morfologie oraz strukturę korzeni roślin