Department of Soil and Plant System


LAI 2200 portable leaf area meter


A device for quick and non-destructive measurement of the leaf area index
(LAI) and other properties of plant areas, e.g. mean tip angle (MTA). The LAI
measurements of grasses and trees can be performed in various weather conditions.
The sensor operating range is 320-420 nm. Includes adapters for FOV limitation
to 12.3°, 28.6°, 43.4°, 58.1° and 74.1°.


Examples of use:

  • Monitoring of plant cover.
  • Assessment of pesticides activity.

Image analysis system for the examination of plant roots and shoots


Software: WinRhizo PRO, REGENT INSTRUMENTS INC, (2007)
MATLAB packages, including Simulink, SimBiology, Image Processing Toolbox, Statistics
Toolbox, The MathWorks (2010)
Epson XL10000 scanner with the transparent material adapter (2010)

  • Measurements of lengths and diameters of main and lateral roots; the number of
  • nodes and branches of the root system located in a glass tray.
  • Measurement of the surface area of leaves during vegetation.
  • Analysis of leaves and roots colour.
  • Maximum measurement precision and size of analysed surfaces: 4000 dpi, A3.

Examples of use:

  • Impact of tillage, compaction and pollution of soils on the root and shoot growth.
  • Resistance of plants to adverse soil conditions.

Zwicki Line 5kN (BT1-FR5.0TN.D30) static compression and tensile strength testing machine


  • Examination of mechanical properties of all materials applying forces up to 5000 N.
  • Measured values:

– force, range: 0-5000N; precision: 0.25%
– probe position

– heads: 100, 5000 N.

Test space height: 1050 mm. Continuous deformation speed from 0.05 to 500 mm min-1.Compression and puncture test equipment. Fully configurable compression and tensile programs.
Automatic determination of maximum force, strength, elastic modulus and other parameters.

Examples of use:

  • Mechanical strength of soil structure elements.
  • Elastic modulus of plant and animal tissues.
  • Measurements of foodstuff textures.
  • Measurement of the puncture strength of cardboard packaging.

AP-4 leaf stomatal resistance measurement instrument


  • Measurements of the resistance (s cm-1) and conductance of leaves stomata (mmol m-2 s-1). Measurement error: < 2%. Measurement time: 15-60 s
  • Sensors: PAR illumination, temperature, pressure and air humidity installed on the measuring head.

Examples of use:

  • Optimisation of plant growth conditions, e.g. temperature, substrate/soil moisture, fertilization.
  • Stress resistance comparison of plant varieties.

Automated soil CO2 emission measurement system


  • CO2 concentration measurements; range: 0-896 ppm, precision: 1 ppm. Open
    system (chamber capacity: 1.0 dm3) – w/o pressure gradient; Closed system
    (chamber capacity: 2.6 l). Flow rate: 100-500 ml min-1, precision: 2%.
  • 40 Ah battery operating time: up to 28 days.

– PAR: 0-3000 μmol m-2 s-1.
– soil temperature.

Examples of use:

  • Continuous monitoring of soil environments, on-site measurements of soil
  • respiratory activity.
  • Impact of anthropogenic factors on the soil CO2 emissions.