Archive of seminars


Archive of seminars

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october 2019

25oct(oct 25)09:00(oct 25)09:00seminarium PhD student Maude Ducrocq INRA, France

july 2019

26jul(jul 26)10:00(jul 26)10:00guest lecture of Prof. Shao-Yiu Hsu

february 2019

28feb(feb 28)10:00(feb 28)10:00gościnny wykład dra hab. Sławomira Dreslera, z Zakładu Fizjologii Roślin UMCS

21feb(feb 21)10:00(feb 21)10:00seminarium mgr inż. Patrycji Nikończuk

19feb(feb 19)11:00(feb 19)11:00seminarium przed otwarciem przewodu doktorskiego mgr Agnieszki Tomczyk

june 2017

21junalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Nina Bilińska-Wielgus

14junalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Katarzyna Nowak

14junalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Agata Piasecka

05junalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Edyta Rojek

05junalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Magdalena Gos

may 2017

29may(may 29)10:45(may 29)10:45Seminar of MSc Anna Siedliska

29mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Ewa Wnuk

24may(may 24)00:00(may 24)00:00Seminar of MSc Diana Ganczarenko

15mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Jacek Panek

15mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Marta Cybulak

08mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Agnieszka Tomczyk

08mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Joanna Siecińska

april 2017

24apralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Aleksandra Kwiecień

24apralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Bartłomiej Gackiewicz

february 2017

20feb(feb 20)00:00(feb 20)00:00Seminar of MSc Agnieszki Tomczyk

13feballdayalldaySeminar of MSc Katarzyna Nowak

13feballdayalldaySeminar of MSc Nina Bilińska-Wielgus

06feballdayalldaySeminar of MSc Aleksandra Kwiecień

january 2017

30janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Anna Siedliska

30janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Agata Piasecka

23janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Magdalena Gos

16janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Marta Cybulak

09janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Diana Ganczarenko

december 2016

19decalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Jacek Panek

12decalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Ewa Wnuk

november 2016

28novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Bartłomiej Gackiewicz

21novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Joanna Siecińska

14novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Edyta Rojek

october 2016

26octalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Bartosz Paszkowski

may 2016

23mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Joanna Siecińska

23mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Anna Rafalska-Przysucha

12mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Magdalena Koczańska

09mayalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Bartłomiej Gackiewicz

april 2016

28apralldayalldayDoctoral Seminar of MSc Nina Bilińska-Wielgus

27apralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Monika Chylińska

25apralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Marta Cybulak

20apralldayalldaySeminar of PhD Joanna Wiącek

13apralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Arkadiusz Kozioł

11apralldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Anna Siedliska

06apralldayalldaySeminar of PhD Magdalena Ryżak

06apralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Justyna Lalak

march 2016

23maralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Katarzyna Kondracka

16maralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Joanna Mierczyńska

14maralldayalldaySeminar of PhD Eng. Justyna Cybulska

14maralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Jacek Panek

14maralldayalldaySeminar of PhD Eng. Justyna Cybulska

09mar(mar 9)00:00(mar 9)00:00Seminar of MSc Eng. Anna Ambrożewicz-Nita

02maralldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Katarzyna Jaromin-Gleń

february 2016

29feballdayalldayMonika Szymańska-Chargot: "Application of vibrational spectroscopy methods in the study of plant cell wall polysaccharides"

10feballdayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Anna Ambrożewicz-Nita

08feballdayalldaySeminar of MSc Marta Cybulak

03feballdayalldaySeminar of MSc Magdalena Koczańska

02feb(feb 2)00:00(feb 2)00:00Seminar of MSc Eng. Anna Ambrożewicz-Nita

01feballdayalldaySeminar of MSc Anna Siedliska

january 2016

27janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Agata Piasecka

25janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Bartłomiej Gackiewicz

25jan(jan 25)00:00(jan 25)00:00Seminar of MSc Joanna Pastuszka-Woźniak

20janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Katarzyna Jaromin-Gleń

20janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Justyna Lalak

15janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Anna Ambrożewicz-Nita

13janalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Katarzyna Kondracka

december 2015

14decalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Nina Bilińska-Wielgus

14decalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Justyna Szerement

09decalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Monika Chylińska

07decalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Małgorzata Łukowska

02decalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Arkadiusz Kozioł

november 2015

30novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Tomasz Pastuszka

30novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Joanna Siecińska

23novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Jacek Panek

23novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Eng. Jacek Panek

23novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Marta Oleszek

16novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Kamil Skic

10novalldayalldaySeminar of PhD Agnieszka Nawrocka

09novalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Piotr Bulak

02novalldayalldaySeminar of PhD Izabela Krzemińska

october 2015

29octalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Eng Joanna Mierczyńska

26octalldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Agata Piasecka

19octalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Anna Kot

05octalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Anna Walkiewicz

september 2015

14sepalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Wojciech Kozieł

08sepalldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Eng. Katarzyna Kondracka

07sepalldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Karolina Oszust

02sepalldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Eng. Justyna Lalak

july 2015

27julalldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Katarzyna Jaromin-Gleń

23julalldayalldayProf. Liang-Cheng Chang and prof. Shao-Yiu Hsu seminar

may 2015

26mayalldayalldaySeminar - Risks and benefits of introducing exogenous organic matter to soil

26mayalldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Kamil Skic

06mayalldayalldaySeminar of Prof. Ilia Nikolenko

04mayalldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Joanna Pastuszka-Woźniak

march 2015

30maralldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Marta Oleszek

30maralldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Małgorzata Łukowska

17maralldayalldaySeminar of PhD Krzysztof Lamorski

16maralldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Bartosz Paszkowski

02maralldayalldayDoctoral seminar of MSc Justyna Szerement

february 2015

20feballdayalldayPromotional seminar concerning Zeolite Cluster development

18feballdayalldaySeminar of PhD Robert Rusinek

january 2015

14jan(jan 14)00:00(jan 14)00:00Seminar of MSc Tomasz Pastuszka

november 2014

19novalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Monika Chylińska

19novalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Arkadiusz Kozioł

14novalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Eng Piotr Bulak

07novalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Anna Kot

07novalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Anna Walkiewicz

october 2014

29octalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Eng Joanna Mierczyńska

28octalldayalldaySeminar of PhD Piotr M. Pieczywek

13oct(oct 13)00:00(oct 13)00:00Seminar of PhD Artur Nosalewicz

03octalldayalldaySeminar of Willem Wolters and Peter Jongebloed

september 2014

12sepalldayalldaySeminar of prof. Wojciech Sobieski, prof. of the UWM

03sepalldayalldaySeminar of PhD Mateusz Stasiak

may 2014

30mayalldayalldaySeminar of Commission II of the Lublin Branch of PAS

april 2014

30apralldayalldaySeminar of Assoc. Prof. DSc Piotr Baranowski

23apralldayalldaySeminar of Prof. DSc Bogusław Usowicz

02apralldayalldaySeminar of dr hab. DOBROWOLSKI Ryszard, prof. nadzw. UMCS

march 2014

26maralldayalldaySeminar of PhD Jaromir Krzyszczak

05maralldayalldaySeminar of PhD Krzysztof Lamorski

february 2014

26feballdayalldaySeminar of Prof. DSc Cezary Sławiński

january 2014

28jan(jan 28)00:00(jan 28)00:00Seminar of Msc Eng Cezary Polakowski

13janalldayalldaySeminar of Assoc. Prof. DSc Henryk Czachor PhD Anna Król

december 2013

19dec(dec 19)00:00(dec 19)00:00Seminar of PhD Andrzej Kurenda

02decalldayalldaySeminar of PhD Monika Szymańska-Chargot

november 2013

25novalldayalldaySeminar of PhD Justyna Cybulska

12novalldayalldaySeminar of Assoc. Prof. DSc Artur Zdunek

october 2013

28octalldayalldaySeminar of Dr. Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi

09octalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Piotr Adamek

08octalldayalldaySeminar of PhD DSc Magdalena Frąc

september 2013

23sepalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Karolina Oszust

09sepalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Eng. Jacek Panek

april 2013

23apralldayalldaySeminar of Msc Aleksandra Król

february 2013

20feb(feb 20)00:00(feb 20)00:00Seminar of Msc Wojciech Kozieł

05feballdayalldayMeeting concerning application of the Public Procurement Law

january 2013

30janalldayalldayDiscussion seminar "Mechanisms of research funding young scientists in Poland"

25janallday26alldayReports of the research activity of the Institute in 2012

18janalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Eng. Andrzej Grabowski

december 2012

14decalldayalldayReports of the research activity of the Institute in 2012

november 2012

16novalldayalldaySeminar of Msc Iwona Niemiałkowska-Butrym

october 2012

29octalldayalldayProject MACSUR - the seminar

15octalldayalldaySeminar of MSc Agnieszka Żukowska

05octalldayalldaySeminar of dr Edward Wilczewski

december 2011

09decalldayallday1) Interactions of cyanobacteria and clay minerals Profesor Andrej Aleksiejew 2) Humic acid fractionation due to adsorption - FTIR and 13C NMR spectroscopy Profesor Tatiana Aleksiejewa

08decalldayalldayPathways of higher plants adaptation to soil hypoxia

october 2011

03octalldayalldayApplicability of Irrigation Water Depending on Its Quality; Hydroautomatic Rapid Filters

november 2010

25novalldayallday1) Comparative Study of China and India Biomass Utilization from the Perspective of Energy Supply Security,2) Simulation for Global Climate Protection Scheme

24novalldayallday1) Levels of Soil Investigation; 2) Holocene climate dynamic and biogeochemistry of paleosols

03novalldayalldayStress conditions in planetary mills

october 2010

29octalldayalldayOblique collision of two particles

july 2010

08julalldayalldayInvestigations of shear zone pattern In dense sand for earth pressure problems

08jul(jul 8)00:00(jul 8)00:00Application of particle image velocimetry method to determine displacements in granular materials

march 2010

26maralldayalldayAACES - Australian Airborne Cal/Val Experiment for SMOS

october 2009

14octalldayalldaySurface Engineering at Osaka University

october 2007

11octalldayalldayManagement by ecosystems of protected territories on the basis of advanced information technologies