Department of Physical Chemistry of Porous Materials


Particle analyzer


  • Specifying the particle size analyzer based on the phenomenon of sedimentation
  • Measured particle size range from 5 nm to 100 µm
  • Accuracy 0.5%
  • Resolution 5%
  • Maximum spin speed 24000 rpm
  • Measurement possible in organic solvents and inorganic
  • Possible measurements of solutions containing a mixture of particles of different sizes

Set for HPLC


  • UV-VIS detector with a matrix of LED
    – wavelength 190-800 nm
    – the ability to collect data from one wavelength or performance spectrum
  • Fluorescence Detector
    – collection of data at speeds up to 200Hz
    – measuring range 220-700 nm
    – lowest detection limits of Raman S / N: > 550
  • Corona detector
    – Measuring range od ng do µg
    – Vapor pressure of the analytes under 10-5 hPa
  • Conductivity Detector
    – Measuring range mg/L
    – Quantitative and qualitative analysis: fluoride, acetone, chlorine, nitrites, nitrates, bromides, phosphates, sulfates
  • Purpose: Used in studies of food, drugs, cosmetics, water, soil solution, substances of vegetable origin

Microwave digestion


  • It is equipped with microwave generators (magnetony), which generate microwaves at a frequency of 2.45 GHz, causing direct heating of samples
  • This provides a quick and full digestion of organic and inorganic samples by high pressure and temperature
  • The area of application is high-resolution wet samples prior to determination of trace elements in their technique AAS, ICP-AES or ICP-MS, performed during the environmental analysis, food, beverages, chemical and petrochemical industry