Department of Physical Chemistry of Porous Materials


OPTICAL MICROSCOPE, Manufacturer: Conbest (2011)

  • standard zoom 40x to 1000x
  • binocular head with tube for connecting the camera, rotating through 360 °
  • lenses planachromatyczne correction in CCIS infinity, 10x, 40x, 60x and 100x spring snap immersion
  • set the phase contrast
  • set the polarization of light
  • microscopic camera with a resolution of 3.1 megapixels

APPLICATION: Microscopic analysis of plant and animal tissue, image analysis using specialized software


VACUUM DRIED, Manufacturer: JEIO TECH (2011)

  • drying chamber –  acidproof, thermostated
  • vacuum pump – range of vacuum – 9 mbar

APPLICATION: Adsorption processes (at least on the solutions of sulfuric acid), determination of adsorption-desorption isotherms of water vapor


Analytical weight (2011)

  • Lload weight – 200 g
  • readability – 0,001 g
  • the ability to control the process of drying the sample to the required mass loss per unit of time
  • ability to determine the drying process time

CENTRIFUGE, Manufacturer: Hetting Zentrifugen (2011)

  • you can work with the tanks with a capacity of 750 and 250 ml
  • adjustable speed of rotation
  • spin speed of 4000 rpm (750ml), 8000 rpm (250 ml)
  • the centrifuge is thermostated within the limits of -10oC and 30oC

APPLICATION: Chapter mixtures





  • microscopy of biological materials
  • the adsorption properties of soils and plant material
  • ion-exchange properties of soils and roots of plants (CEC, total surface charge, dissociation constants – characterize the surface functional groups generating different surface charge)
  • phase separation of solid and liquid