Laboratory of Assessment of Grain Raw Materials Quality

Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials

Laboratory of Assessment of Grain Raw Materials Quality

Supervisor: DSc Agnieszka Nawrocka



The Laboratory of Assessment of Grain and Oil Materials Quality studies physical and chemical properties of seeds and stalks of cultivated plants, particularly new rape varieties and hybrids for the lipid industry. Mechanical properties of plants determining their hardness and damage resistance are studied. X-ray imaging is used to detect internal damage of plant materials. The laboratory studies also physical properties of gluten – protein significant in process of dough fermentation.


Research profile:

  • Physical properties of plant materials (plants, seeds, fruits and vegetables) and physical processes during harvest, transport, storage and processing of crops.
  • Development of methods for determination of physical properties of plant materials.


  • Elements contents in food, water and soil.
  • FTIR and HPLC examination of biological materials.