Wiącek Joanna

Wiącek Joanna

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PhD Wiącek Joanna
Room: B127
E-mail: j.sykut@ipan.lublin.pl
Phone: (81) 744 50 61 w. 181

Department and laboratory

Department: Department of Physical Properties of Plant Materials

Laboratory: Laboratory of Mechanics of Granular Materials


Research interests:

  • Mechanical properties of granular plant materials
  • Discrete element modelling of mechanical processes in granular materials

Other information

Education (dates, degrees, universities):

  • 2004    MSc in Physics
    Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland
    MSc thesis: “Tempearture dependence of nuclear shell energies”
  • 2008    PhD in Agricultural Sciences (Agronomy-Agrophysics)
    Institute of Agrophysics PAS, Lublin, Poland
    Dissertation: “Modeling of quasi-static effects in grain bedding using discrete element


  • The Polish Society of Agrophysics


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