gościnny wykład Prof. Shao-Yiu Hsu

lipiec, 2019

26lip(lip 26)10:00(lip 26)10:00gościnny wykład Prof. Shao-Yiu Hsu


(Piątek) 10:00 - 12:00


Lublin, Instytut Agrofizyki PAN, aula

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Prof. Shao-Yiu Hsu
Department of Bioenvironmental System Engineering
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan,

pt. „What can we learn from a CT image-inspired micromodel experiment?
A study case of the “old-new” water interaction in micromodels.


The interplay between resident (“old”) fluid already in the vadose zone and infiltrating (“new”) fluid was examined with micromodel experiments. The geometric patterns of the micromodels are based on a pore doublet and a 2D pore geometry of a sand-­packing soil scanned by micro X­-Ray CT. We studied the old and new fluid interaction during imbibition process subject to different evaporation times (different the initial old fluid saturations). The results found that, in the pore­-doublet micromodel experiment, the old fluid was mixed and displaced by the new fluid, and an increase in the initial old fluid saturation led to a decrease in the amount of old fluid displaced by the new fluid. On the other hand, the most of the old fluid in the micromodel of 2D sand­-packing pore geometry was displaced by and mixed with the new fluid. However, a small amount of the initial old fluid that occupied pore throats remained untouched by the new fluid due to the air blockage. The amount of untouched old fluid increased as the initial old fluid saturation decreased. Our finding reveals the effect of pore geometry and inital old fluid distribution on the interaction between resident and infiltrating fluids.

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