Zakończenie projektu SOILCARE w ramach programu Horyzont 2020

Zakończenie projektu SOILCARE w ramach programu Horyzont 2020

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Miło nam poinformować, że projekt SOILCARE w ramach programu Horyzont 2020 dobiegł końca. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z wynikami projektu:


  • Mycobiome Composition and Diversity under the Long-Term Application of Spent Mushroom Substrate and Chicken Manure
    Magdalena Frąc, Giorgia Pertile, Jacek Panek, Agata Gryta, Karolina Oszust, Jerzy Lipiec, Bogusław Usowicz, Agronomy 2021, 11, 410.
  • Effects of Application of Recycled Chicken Manure and Spent Mushroom Substrate on Organic Matter, Acidity, and Hydraulic Properties of Sandy Soils
    Jerzy Lipiec, Bogusław Usowicz, Jerzy Kłopotek, Marcin Turski, Magdalena Frąc, Materials 2021, 14, 4036.
  • Spatial variability of saturated hydraulic conductivity and its links with other soil properties at the regional scale Bogusław Usowicz, Jerzy Lipiec, Sci Rep 11, 8293 (2021).
  • The effect of crop residues, cover crops, manures and nitrogen fertilization on soil organic carbon changes in agroecosystems: a synthesis of reviews Bolinder M.A., Crotty F., Elsen A., Frac M., Kismanyoky T., Lipiec J., Tits M., Toth Z., Katterer T., Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 2020, 25(6), pp. 929–952,
  • Spatial relationships among cereal yields and selected soil physical and chemical properties: Jerzy Lipiec, Bogusław Usowicz, Science of the Total Environment, 2018, 633, pp. 1579–1590,
  • Determining the effect of exogenous organic materials on spatial distribution of maize yield
    Bogusław Usowicz, Jerzy Lipiec, Sci Rep 9, 19883 (2019).
  • Interactions between cover crops and soil microorganisms increase phosphorus availability in conservation agriculture, Moritz Hallama, Carola Pekrun, Stefan Pilz, Klaus A. Jarosch, Magdalena Frąc, Marie Uksa, Sven Marhan, Ellen Kandeler, Plant Soil 463, 307–328 (2021).

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